Not the Andrew Neil Show – Whats it all about?

Posted on 02/03/2012


Its time you guys out there had a heads-up on the 3MenInABlog TV stream ‘Not the Andrew Neil Show’

We began doing a live First Ministers Questions from Holyrood on Leith FM in 2007. It started as part of the ‘Grumpy Show’ which then became the ‘Noyzup Show’ It was beakthrough then because uniquely in Scotland we re-broadcast the live FMQs Holyrood feed on Leith FM and reviewed it immediately afterwards LIVE.We also interviewed local MPs & MSPs every week

Now were back with ‘Not the Andrew Neil Show’ streaming LIVE TV on the internet hooked around First Ministers Questions (FMQs) weekly on Thursdays.The stream will be on Justin.TV and the link will be available here.

‘Not the Andrew Neil Show’ does what it says on the tin but Scottish. We mainly preview and review FMQs at the moment but are also working on some diverse projects. An item on women & the pension age swindle will feature on the 8th. March edition and the political cartoonist Norrie Stewart wants to take his cartoons on to our live TV show so actors & writers might like to get involved.

If you like what were doing and want to join us get in touch.

Here’s the podcast of this weeks show..