Edinburgh Fringe Review | Yianni – Numb and Number *****

Numb and Number  *****

A comedy about numbers but not by numbers.

The Canon’s Gait / 232 Canongate (Royal Mile)

4:55pm / 4-25 August (Not 14) / FREE

You have an hour to spare after trawling (spelling correct) the Fringe for hours. Research has to precede attendance at the monster that is the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Yianni is about to begin.

As morning ends you escape the incoming haar that hides the sun on Western Breakwater leaving the sea behind you.

Alighting on Nicolson Street the mob leaves you breathless in sharp contrast to the peace of the seaside. You’re in Fringe Central.

The sheltered oasis that is Assembly Festival in George Square becomes an ideal logistic HQ.

Hours later and becoming tetchy its comedy time at The Canon’s Gait. “It’s a free show so lets sit at the back so we can leave early”

The set, in fact the setting, is all much slicker since I last appeared there some years ago. A large flat TV screen behind the stage promises a quality show not previously associated with “Free”.

The show opens with a brilliant spoof movie short  http://ow.ly/cKjSf  then Yianni enters. Any foreboding that the show would be all movie or Powerpoint presentation collapses. Yianni uses the screen content of a countdown from ten to zero to maintain a pace that takes the audience though a big show in less than an hour.

Yianni is a great comedian still waiting for stardom. He uses the audience but don’t be afraid to sit at the front. He challenges all the shibboleths of our age with intelligence and of course wit. You wont be able to see the skin colours of the world  in black, white and brown anymore only the spectrum of a rainbow.

The full house for the first show of the run laughed from start to finish. Fringe this year is going to be a great one, or the Free Fringe has come of age, or both.

Congratulations  to Peter Buckley Hill who conceived and runs the Free Fringe.

Welcome back Yianni, a great comedian.

Press Releases for both of Yianni’s 2012 Edinburgh Shows:


On Twitter @yianni_a


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