VIDEOPod | Aidan Kerr – The Face of a Young Independista

Posted on 04/09/2012


“..I am student from Scotland. I live and study in and around Scotland’s biggest city, Glasgow. For as long as I can remember I have always advocated Scottish Independence. It is the natural state for any nation for it’s affairs to be ran by its people for the betterment of its people. In February 2012 I join the Scottish National Party and its youth the Young Scots for Independence to help in some way to achieve independence. I believe that independence is not the be all and end all and day one after referendum day we will live a better society. Independence is the catalyst for change. From here on in we can start to build a better Scotland. A Scotland which does not have 1/4 children in poverty like it currently does. A Glasgow where over 50% of children in the Carlton area live under the breadline. Independence is the best way to achieve the vital social change the Scottish working class in my opinion. As you have gathered then my blog will contain my thoughts on Scottish, UK, European and world current affairs. This is a space for me to put my opinions across and for my voice to be heard. This is the world wide web at it’s best. Even if you don’t agree with my views I welcome your comments and critique of my postings. Aidan Kerr”

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