(F)ear (U)ncertainty (D)oubt = FUD | #fudmonger = blogger of FUD

Posted on 05/10/2012



Useful hashtag “#fudmonger” can be attached to a retweet of any Unionist scare propoganda. viz. Output from @BrigadoonGent

The supply of scare stories against independence is endless and its pointless to debate endlessly. The crucial point is that a democratic referendum is a YES or NO answer to a constitutional question and not a vote for a manifesto of policies which is what a general election is for (see 2016).

As long as the unionists insist on avoiding democracy by pretending policies matter in a referendum their FUD should not be answered.

It is NOT certain an SNP government will win power after independence and therefore a draft constitution agreeable to at least all civic Scotland should be attempted NOW.
Unionists should be challenged to debate a draft constitution for a devolved OR independent Scotland.That is the way to democratically identify the difference and to supply an informed reason to vote YES or NO.
Stuff your policies now Unionists. Have them challenged in 2016.