Dear Mark Lazarowicz MP

Posted on 16/01/2013


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Is this letter of praise for Edinburgh North and Leith MP Mark Lazarowicz a poisoned chalice?

3MenInABlog‘s insight:

Dear Mr Lazarowicz,
We have never met but you have courteously and promptly answered all consituency questions I have put to you by email and for that I congratulate you. Would that more MP’s aspired to such high standards.
Further I congratulate for your contribution to yesterday’s debate in Westminster. I do not currently vote Labour but I did for most of my life. Watching the disgusting, disgraceful display of national self loathing in yesterday’s debate I wonder how you can continue to be a member of the Labour Party. I used to be a friend of Ian Davidson but having watched his behaviour in recent years quite frankly I would ‘cross to the other side’ if I ever came across him again. Sadly his performance was not a solo act, although I do believe he excelled himself yesterday. And as to Anas Sarwar’s remarks about the dictatorship in Holyrood, well that plumbed depths I didn’t believe the Labour party could plumb. And didn’t it play to every prejudice our friends in Westminster have in regard to Mr Blair’s parish council? All that was missing was a Churchillian quote of the type made about Ghandi as a ‘half naked Fakir’. But let’s be honest your party came very close!
I can only say I am glad that my Dad, who remembered Churchill putting a machine gun nest at the end of his street, isn’t here to see how far Labour has sunk.
I hope you can sleep at night given the behaviour of your colleagues
Alex Grant