AUDIO | YES or NO 2014 | A Panel Debate Part 2

Posted on 02/03/2013


3 Men in A Blog invited some of the most prolific political bloggers in Edinburgh to a  panel debate about the Scottish independence referendum.
On the panel were Duncan Hothersall, Labour blogger ; Kevin Williamson, Bella Caledonia Editor ; Ian McGill, Conservative blogger ; Norrie Stewart, Political Cartoonist. In the chair was Stewart Lochhead.
Amongst the issues that arose were..
Alternative visions of a future Scotland post 2014. | How does identity factor into the decision? |  Is Westminster working for Scotland? | Scotland could become..what? | Imagining party manifestos after a No vote. | Universal benefits. | “Even a No vote win will have engaged the electorate and therefore benefited democracy”. | UK AAA economic  rating. |” A penny for Scotland/A pound for independence”. | The impact of a Yes win on English democracy.