Video | Leith Noise Up Show | Edition of 210313

Posted on 24/03/2013


This is our first Noise Up show on 3 Men In A Blog.
Our first subject is on the abstention by Westminster/Holyrood Labour on Workfare, bedroom tax, Iraq etc., and compare it to Labour in 1945 as portrayed in Ken Loach’s film ‘Spirit of 45’.
We then touch on the machinations of Levinson and press/information control.
2013 Budget/creating housing bubble again and cuts to Scottish Government money.
Trident/Militarism and the appearance and insane ideas of Tony Blair on the 10th anniversary of the illegal invasion of Iraq.
The ongoing mudslinging media frenzy about the new Pope and Cardinal O’Brien.
Dodgy figures from Scottish Tories on criminal offences.
2013 Budget again/wage cuts, freezes.
Bed Tax is it new Poll Tax?, and is there a lack of social solidarity among the population in comparison to some other European countries.
General talk about the future of Socialism/Social Democracy in an independent Scotland.