VIDEO | Leith Noise Up | Edition of 280313

Posted on 30/03/2013


Noise up, slightly anarchic rant from the team, Stewart, Norrie, Phil and Alec

Trump loses battle against wind farm, and just how close are the SNP to Neo-Lib business.

How close is Labour to tax avoidance experts, as close as NewLabour ministers to big business?

3 Government Ministers visit Oil Industry in Aberdeen, where to land oil pipeline from Europe and site carbon capture plant, maybe oil is important after all.

I.D.S ( Ratbag) receives wonderful reception from Willie Black at Edinburh conference.

Margaret Curran accuses SNP of negative campaigning!!!

Is the Bedroom Tax the new Poll Tax?

Cuts to the disabled, and lack of a political dialogue about progressive taxation.

Workfare and abstentions by the Government Opposition.

Scottish Labour All Women Shortlists, has Scotland been Shortchanged by London Labour.

And who will miss David Milliband as he abandons ship in a huff.