Video | Leith Noise Up Show | Edition of 040413

Posted on 06/04/2013


Some Scottish Councils appalling treatment of bereaved parents of stillborn and infant children.
Edinburgh Councils decision not to evict tenants in arrears due to bedroom tax and likely financial consequences thereof.
Cumulative effect of all the welfare cuts on society, will it lead us back to Victorian era, riots, profiteering Rachmanite landlords ?
Our new 7 level class structure, an improvement on 3?
The 2 million email leak exposing 31 Trillion dollars hiding in mainly British tax havens.
The continuing adventures of ‘Chairchoob’ Ian Davidson MP.
The new fashion at Westminster ‘ Retrospective Laws’, to cover up Government lawbreaking.
Is the Government stupid enough to inflate another ‘Property Bubble’, probably yes.
Trident, do we need it?, seeing as the North Koreans are the new Saddam Hussain and will attack us in 45 minutes if we are not vigilant!!!