About us

Political Bloggers and Broadcasters

The 3MenInABlog team were all broadcasters on community radio station Leith FM in Edinburgh from May 2007

We present  our  online video/audio output including reviews, general & specific discussions plus interviews.

First Ministers Questions from the Scottish Parliament is reviewed as  performance theatre whilst maintaining comment on the vital content.

General discussions get quite heated and opinions expressed are not necessarily approved by 3MenInABlog.

The team are…

Stewart Lochhead – Broadcaster & founder of Leith FM.

Norrie Stewart – Political Cartoonist & founder of Leith FM.

Phil Attridge – Broadcaster & former Edinburgh Labour Councillor

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  1. Edward J. P. Cadogan


    Philip Attridge please contact your cousin, Ed Cadogan

  2. I’d love you guys to be one of the first contributors on The News Hub, a news platform launching in Jan (est.): http://the-newshub.com/

    The basic idea is that anyone can produce content, and if your content’s good, you’ll get paid for it.

    Essentially, you guys can get paid for doing exactly what you’re doing already, and reach new audiences.

    Please let me know if you’d like to find out more.


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